RCA Records


To whom it may concern,


I am writing to request the use of one of your artists records. I am currently studying Media Studies at school and am in the first stages of producing a music video for my A-Level coursework. My partner and I wish to use your artist Christina Aguliera and her song ‘Hurt’. We feel that we can produce a good video with this song and can acquire good grades with it.  We promise not to use the track for public  viewing.


Yours sincerely


Megan Allen and Claire Davies



Lara Mulvey’s theory

The way men look at women and the media reinforces this by filming / photography from male point of view.

Women seen as objects to look at – Hollywood conventionally has attractive actress which reinforces this.

  1. Stereotypes are standardised representations of groups of people or objects.
  2. Might use stereotypes in my coursework.
  3. Groups can be stereotyped by:
  • sex
  • age
  • race
  • religion
  • rationality
  • jobs





Propp came up with many theories about folk tales, legends, and stories, and these are applied to modern day narratives.

He identified 8 character types that appear in narratives frequently.

  • The hero – who is on the quest
  • The villain – who opposes the hero
  • The donor – who helps the hero by giving him a magic tool
  • The dispatcher – who starts the hero on his way
  • The false hero – who tempts the hero away from his quest
  • The helper – that helps the hero
  • The princess – who is a reward for the hero
  • Her father – who rewards the hero for his efforts

Whilst there are many films that confirm to these idea, there are at least as many that do not. The key is being able to discuss how useful Propp may or may not be when you study a media text, and how this might link into other ideas, ie, feminism.

Binary Opposites

This theory is that much of our world is described in ‘opposites’ and films/media texts can be analysed in this way.

Firstly, me and Claire looked at other pop CD covers. We found that many of them feature just the artist, looking really dressed up and glamourous, as this is the best way to sell their image.

Here are some examples we looked at:


This is Lady Gaga’s album ^

Only her face is shown, and she looks glamourous. Unlike other covers, the artist is shown wearing sunglasses, which adds something a little different to the cover.  We have chosen to do something a bit different on our CD cover.

We decided to take a picture of our artist in a mirror, so there is her face as well as the reflection. Here are some photos to show what we sort of plan to do with our photo.


^  This photo shows a man looking into the mirror and his reflection that is shown in the mirror.


^ This photo shows a woman in the mirror. However our artist will look properly into her eyes, and she wont look so upset.


This is Beyonce’s CD cover ^

The album features a photo of the artist, and it’s all in black and white. We think this makes the cover look really classy, and so we are going to use a black and white photograph of our artist for our album cover.


We are going to take a photo of our artist posing in a mirror, and the photo will be in black and white.