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How big an audience is out there?

*Huge, he would be expecting a number one album and song.

Who are they? Age? Gender?

Teens to 40 plus, he has been around a long time. Both genders would support him as he appeals to both.

Who else would they listen to?

Rhianna, Kanye West etc. and other r’n’b artisits

What do the audience get from the video?

Entertainment and they become strongly influenced by it.

  1. Stereotypes are standardised representations of groups of people or objects.
  2. Might use stereotypes in my coursework.
  3. Groups can be stereotyped by:
  • sex
  • age
  • race
  • religion
  • rationality
  • jobs


Propp came up with many theories about folk tales, legends, and stories, and these are applied to modern day narratives.

He identified 8 character types that appear in narratives frequently.

  • The hero – who is on the quest
  • The villain – who opposes the hero
  • The donor – who helps the hero by giving him a magic tool
  • The dispatcher – who starts the hero on his way
  • The false hero – who tempts the hero away from his quest
  • The helper – that helps the hero
  • The princess – who is a reward for the hero
  • Her father – who rewards the hero for his efforts

Whilst there are many films that confirm to these idea, there are at least as many that do not. The key is being able to discuss how useful Propp may or may not be when you study a media text, and how this might link into other ideas, ie, feminism.

Binary Opposites

This theory is that much of our world is described in ‘opposites’ and films/media texts can be analysed in this way.

Genre means type – it can be applied to music, films, t.v, books, and may other products.

Genre theorist Stephen Neale states that ‘the codes and conventions of genre are known and recognised by audiences. This recognition gives pleasure’

The Hurt Locker.

The genre of this film is action/adventure. You can tell this by the  misenscene in the trailer, ie, the costumes and guns.


The genre of this film is sci-fi/horror. You can tell this because in the trailer, the setting is on a space ship. The music and quick pace of the shots, suggests horror.