For the inside of the CD album we decided to use a photos of the artsit stood in a mirror again, so the synergy continued with the idea of ‘Reflections’ as the album is called ‘Reflections’. We decided for her to her this pose looking away, to create her ‘mysterious’ image, as creating an image is essential for pop stars. The artist is again wearing lots of make-up, has her hair styled and is wearing big statement earrings which all contribute to her classy image.

On photoshop, we again edited the light on the photograph, so the image looked shinier and therefore classier.

We kept the colour scheme the same, with the black and white, as the front and back cover are all in black and white, so they all fit together with the synergy between them as a package.

The left side features the lyrics to the song ‘Hurt’ which we made our music video for, as this is typical of what you would find inside the cover of a pop album. We kept the text the same as the one we used on the front and back covers and the poster advertising the album, by keeping it white and the same size and font.

On the right, is where we used the photograph, and this is where the CD would be placed over the top of the photograph. We found this was typical of other albums of the pop genre.  For example Pink’s album ‘Missundaztood’, where on the inside her photograph features where the CD would be placed.