What have you learnt from your audience feedback?

We asked people roughly our age and a little younger than ourselves (14-18 year olds) both male and female, although mainly females to watch our video and comment on what they thought about it. We asked our friends and people in our year at school, as well as my little sister and her friends so we would get a variety of opinions.

We asked these people to watch our video as younger people tend to listen to pop the most, particularly girls. The main target audience for the music video we made therefore was a mainly young audience, mainly made up of girls.

We asked them to watch the video and then asked them for any positive comments or negative comments and we wrote down what they said.

We were happy with our feedback as it was mostly very good.

A common positive point picked up on by the people we questioned, was that it had a strong storyline, with a suprising shock ending. One person to view it said “I thought it was really clever to show the grave at the end. Although I had thought her friend had died, it was still a suprising ending – really good!”

Another positive point picked up on was the way our performer mimed along to the lyrics. The performer we used in our video was a drama student and so we knew she’d be a strong, confident performer and could mime really clearly. The feedback from the people who watched the video were very impressed with her performance. People commented saying, “When she mimed, it looked so realistic as if she was actually singing.” and “Her performance was really strong. She really went for it and got into character which looked great.”

Also mentioned by those who watched the video, was how the mis-en-scene worked well. People noticed the performers clothes, make-up and hair particularly. One viewer said, “The outfits the performer wore looked typical of what a popstar would wear”.

One viewer also picked up on the camera shots and angles, “I enjoyed watching the video because of the different angles things were filmed at. I liked when the performer sang there was shots looking down at her, looking up at her, looking straight-on and some from the side of her. It made it interesting.”

One negative point mentioned, was that we could have used more flashback clips of the two friends before they argued. A viewer said, “I think if more flashbacks were used, the storyline could have been made clearer.”

Overall, we learnt from their comments that we made an overall successful music video as the target audience we made the video for generally enjoyed watching the video. We learnt that our storyline made the video strong, although perhaps we could have added more flashbacks as one viewer said, just to avoid any chance of confusion. However, everyone did follow the storyline and understand it so it wasn’t too much of a problem. We also learnt that a performer in a way can ‘make or break’ a music video, in the sense that if they aren’t very confident they’re performance wont look realistic and it would let the video down. We are lucky our friend who is a drama student agreed to help us make our music video and she was confident and looked like a popstar should. We also learnt that the audience pick up on what the artist in the video is wearing, so we are glad we decided to take as much time and care over her appearance as we did, with planning the outfits, accessorizes, make-up and how she should wear her hair.

If we were to make the music video again, we would only really consider changing the amount of flashbacks. We would perhaps build up more of a background story of the two friends to show how the two had been best friends for a long time, to make it seem like even more of a tragedy when the friend  dies. Other than that though, we are happy with our video and probably wouldn’t feel the need to change anything else.