How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

As well as looking at music videos, we also took our time to look at examples of pop genre album covers and  adverts. We found there was often a lot of synergy between them and the video. Pop album covers, their adverts and the video itself link together to create a certain image. It is impotant the main product and ancillary texts work together to create a successful promotional package.

We looked at Beyonce’s album cover for ‘I am Sacha Fierce’ and the music video for the album song ‘Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it.)’

 ‘I am Sacha Fierece’ features a photograph of the artist, as most pop album covers do. She looks very glamorous, quite natural-looking and innocent – wearing a bracelet with a crucifix on. The photo is tasteful although it does appear that she isn’t wearing any clothes. This contrasts with her innocence shown by the bracelet and shows she can also be seen as a sex object. This image therefore appeals to a younger audience of girls, as well as men. The artists name is featured in the bottom left corner and the name of the album is on its side on the left. This is quite unusual as most pop album covers feature these details at the top of the cover. We liked this way of making the album cover stand out a little more and look more interesting and so this gave us the idea of putting the artisits name and the name of the album in the bottom right corner of our album cover. Also the format of text used on Beyonce’s album cover is quite insignificant when you look at the cover as a whole. It does not draw away any attention from the photo of Beyonce, although it is clear enough.

However, what caught our eye about the photograph is how it is black and white. We thought this added an extra touch of class to the album cover. This influenced us to use a black and white photograph of our preformer for our album cover.

We chose to use this image of our artist in a mirror, as we found it to be quite an interesting pose. Beyonce’s album cover is quite unclear in that it suggests several things about the image she is trying to promote, and we felt the photo of our artist in the mirror showing her reflection was also quite mysterious in what the idea of ‘reflections’ could be trying to suggest.

We found there was synergy between Beyonce’s album cover and the music video for ‘Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it)’.

This video was shot in black and white, just like the black and white photo of her used for the album cover. Beyonce appears as very classy and glamorous as she does on the album cover. As synergy is used in this way, the audience sort of link the two together and this image of Beyonce is created.

We used this idea of synergy when we went on to design our album cover advert.

We used the idea of black and white again here. We used the image of the album cover itself, as we found many adverts did. We also used the same format of text as was used on the album cover which again links the two which promotes the artists image.