How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

I used my blog to record my ideas, thoughts and plans. I presented these through my blog in stages, step-by-step of what research I did to help me make my music video as successful as possible.

I used my blog to record what music videos, album covers and adverts for albums I looked at. I wrote about the different genres I had looked at, what their conventions were and what image the artist wanted to create. I used my blog to compare the variety of videos, etc. that I had looked at to influence me when making my own music video. I felt this helpful as I could look back over it to remind myself of certain things.

I also used my blog to explain why I had done what I had. For example, when me and Claire planned our album cover we wrote on our blogs about what we were doing, what album covers influenced us, what other photos gave us the ideas, etc. I felt using the blog to be very helpful, as it was a way for me to organise my ideas.

We used my camera when we made our album cover and album cover advert. We decided due to the genre of our album, we wanted to use a photograph of the artist for the front and back cover. We used my camera to take a number of photos. We weren’t sure on what pose we wanted the artist to use when we started so we experimented with a number of poses, with different backgrounds, with the artist wearing different outfits.

We took advantage of being able to take black and white photos on the camera. We experimented with other types of photos also, such as sepia, but decided to stick with our original idea of using a black and white photo as we felt it fitted the best, for the look we were trying to achieve.

We borrowed one of the schools video camera’s in order to film our video. Neither of us had used a video camera before so we had to learn how to, although we  both found it straight forward once we got the hang of it. We used features on the camera such as the white balance to make the shots fit in with one another, with the same amount of light  used. We used the zoom also, as we wanted some close-ups of the performers face. We used a variety of angles and shots to make our music video seem as interesting as possible. I stood in a number of places to get different angles. For example, when I filmed our performer walking, I stood very close to her at times, but at other times I stood over the other side of the road, or down the street to add variety. I used the dolly to make the shots more stable.

We used the program ‘Photoshop’ in order to produce the album cover front and back and the advert. We had both used Photoshop last year when we designed our magazine covers so we were familiar with its layout and features. We used Photoshop to edit and manipulate our photographs. We made the photos appear classier and more appropriate for the front of a pop album cover by making them appear glossyer and adding shine to them using the program.

We also used Photoshop to change things about the photo we didn’t like. For example, in the photo we actually used for our album cover, originally, there was a split in the performers fringe. We used Photoshop to basically ‘fill in the gap’ so her fringe looked tidyer.

Photoshop also allowed us to add text. We chose a simple, swirly text which was typical of  the sort of text used on a pop album. We made the text white to fit in which the background.

Photoshop also allowed us to make the CD cover the correct size. We first measured an actual CD album and then on Photoshop adjusted our album the correct size.

We used Imovie to create the video itself. Neither of us had used the software before and so found it a little more challenging.We explored what features the program had to offer, but found most of them to be inappropriate, as due to the genre of music video we were making, we didnt need to use any speak effects particularly. We only used one of the features to make the video fade in from a black screen at the beginning and then fade out to a black screen at the end, which is quite dramatic as she has just arrived at the grave and it is therefore revealed her friend is dead.

We used the program to organise the footage we had filmed and organise it into what we wanted to use or did not want to use. We then cut down any long clips that were too long, or just cut out part of a clip that we wanted to use. We used the program to edit the footage alongside the music, which was a bit fiddley at times because our performer did so much mimeing and we had to get it all in-sync with the track. We added certain clips at certain times of the song, for example, when the beat of the song gets faster and the drums begin to play, the argument in the video takes place, so it is like the music is creating the mood for what is happening in the video at the time. We do this again when the main performer finds out her best friend has died, she drops her mobile as violins play.