In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

We used the song ‘Hurt’ by Christina Aguilera, which is a pop song. We studied a number of music videos of a variety of genres but mainly looked at pop videos, by artists such as, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Lily Allen.This was so we knew what conventions music videos in general follow and what conventions pop videos in particular follow.

We found that the singer tends to mime along to their song, and often dance routines feature, as performance in their video is crucial for their image. An example of these conventions being followed is in Miley Cyrus’s video for ‘Party in the USA’. Miley mimes the lyrics with great emphasis on certain parts of the song, particularly when her voice goes higher.

 In our video we followed this convention, as our performer frequently mimes along to the song throughout the video. We tried to replicate what Miley does in her video as our performer appears to dramatically sing and put a lot of emphasis on certain lyrics.

Another convention we found is the colour theme in pop video’s is often bright and bubbly, often reflecting the mood of the upbeat, cheery pop song. The colours used in Lily Allen’s video ‘The Fear’ are soft, girly colours which again attract the audience of young girls.

Our music video went against this convention because the mood of the song was not bright and bubbly and was in fact quite sad and gloomy. The colours therefore reflect this, for example when our preformer walks down the road, it is a cold, dull day and  it is raining. This is pathetic fallacy as the weather reflected the mood and feeling of the song.

Pop videos often feature a simplistic happy story line, usually about love where a man and woman feature, which the young girly audience who listen mainly to pop can relate with. In Mariah Carey’s video ‘We belong together’ the storyline focuses on her relationship with a man whom she loves, which is typical of the pop genre.–19014734

However, our video again goes against this convention. Of course not all pop videos feature a love storyline, and the song we chose to use for our video is one that does not. The song we used ‘Hurt’ features a storyline where it’s about loosing someone who you were close to, and telling that person you are sorry for the bad things that happened between you. We made the storyline about our performer loosing her best friend. Our video shows how they were best friends, then they had a stupid argument, and they both never rang each other to make up, and then at the end it is revealed the performer’s best friend actually died, as the preformer walks to the grave. The performer is basically singing to her friend, apologising for the stupid argument and not ringing her and therefore never making-up before she died.

We also found the mis-en-scene in the video to be important and so the pop star and any other people featured in the video tend to wear expensive designer outfits, wear lots of make up and have their hair styled which again promotes their image. In Beyonce’s video ‘Irreplaceable’, she is shown looking very ‘made-up’. Her clothes look classy and expensive, as well as her ex-boyfriends clothes. Several locations are normally used to add variety and keep the audience interested, and the house she supposedly lives in is also very flash and clearly cost a lot. By showing she has money, Beyonce promotes a ‘successful’ and ‘strong, independent woman’ image of herself, which impresses the audience as they see her as a role model they can aspire to.

Our music video followed this convention as we dressed our preformer in outfits we felt looked classy and typical of clothes you’d see in a pop video. Pop videos tend to make the artist always look nice, whatever they are doing. Our performer wore a hat, coat, jeans and knee length black boots when she walked outside in the rain, which made her look as if she still keeps up her appearence even though its a miserable day and she is walking to her friends grave. We had straightened her hair, done her make-up and added accessorizes such as the earings and a bracelet.

She wore a colourful t-shirt and a pare of shorts, and had her hair up in a neat pony-tail, whilst she was sat on the sofa laughing and joking about with her best friend. This was to make her look casual but still look nice and femine with her legs on show, showing she still looks good, even when she is sat at home with her best friend. Whist she was in the bedroom singing, we made her look very ‘made-up’, by doing her hair again, adding different accessories and dressing her in a short, patterned dress. This made her look attractive, without going over-the-top, trying to make her look really sexy. In pop videos, they tend to keep the idea of women being seen as sex symbols more low-key, in comparison to hiphop and R’n’B videos.

We concentrated on using a variety of locations, for example, outside  as the performer walks to the graveyard, on a sofa where the friends sit, against a wall where she mimes to the song, on the bed, etc. By using a few different locations the video is made more interesting for the audience, but we didnt use too many as this would have made it unclear for the audience, as it may become confusing. We tried to make the location in the bedroom look as glamorous as possible as thats where the majority of the filming was done. We used lights, candles and a fur throw on the bed to make the room look classy and typical of the sort of place seen in a pop music video.

Aswell as using a variety of locations, it was important to use a variety of shots and angles. Pop videos tend to use a variety of shots and angles to make the video more appealing and satisfiying to the audience, to keep them watching closely throughout. For example in Katy Perry’s video ‘Hot ‘n’ Cold’ a number of shots are used.

This picture shows a long shot of Katy Perry being filmed from down the street. We also filmed our performer from being stood down the road.

We made sure we used a variety, as we positioned the camera in different places, such as on top of the wardrobe in the bedroom. We also stood ourselves in different places such as infront of the preformer so she’d walk towards us, behind her (as shown in the picture above) from the opposite side of the road, from stood to her side, etc.